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the whispered “oh my god”… the look of of humiliation on the childs face… the brother is tired

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favourite characters list  Shū Tsukiyama / Tokyo Ghoul


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some still shots of this! I had a blast with this costume ouo special thanks to mattie for the shirt design!


Understanding Transmutation Circles:

Because this stuff is so super interesting, I had to share. I’m am not a very scientific person, so this is mostly copy & pasted from here (x).

Perfect Polygons Polygraphs

Circle - Base Representing a Whole

Triangle - Air

Square - Earth

Pentagon - Fire

Pentagram - Gate

Hexagon - Water

Hexagram - Human Transmutation

Heptagon - High Energy Transmutation, Ether

Heptagram - Ether

Octagon - Life

Octagram - Soul

Other Shapes:

Isosceles Triangle - Compression in Air, Alchemical Symbols Signify Elements

Hook - Symbol Representing Attachment

Wing - A leaving, release, or return of ethereal energy.

Dots - 1 - Endothermic, 2 - Exothermic, 3 - metal, 4 - pumice, 5 - sulfur, 6 - carbon, 7 - ethanol alcohol, 8 - blood

Arrow/Ray - Simple Direction

Spirals - Transmutation of exothermic energy endothermically. In Example: Creation of Ice from liquid water.

Cross - Represents a Holy, or other worldly power. A power greater than man. Usually represented in transmutation using the human soul.

Words - A personal touch, an action of good faith

Snake - Represents evil

Parts outside of the main circle - Constant change, the circles effect will last forever.

Arcs - Connected - Unification, Apart - Separation

Examination: Uncompleted connection to the gate, this is a one way transfer. 2 elements, these are arcane elements, body, and mind. Cross representing a higher power, in this case the gate. Wings representing a return of energy. 2 Rays pointing away from a central point, toward the sides of both body and mind. Hook represented by a snake, give both attachment and evil.

Final Effect: - A being is split both mentally and physically, to return to the gate. After the return the connection to the gate is broken forever, and I higher power will do something. They will be attached to the higher power forever.

Anyway, thought this would be interesting to share with you!

By the way, question: What sorts of things would you think alchemy should be used for in different areas (for story purposes)?